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Day 2 at Brewdog Manchester

Started the night of with a gigantic steak at the Smoak Bar and Grill. I went for the 400g Rump, was surprised to find they restaurant had some alternatives to the industrial beers, so Meantime Pale Ale accompanied the steak.










After a long walk down to the BrewDog pub i started with an Abstrakt 08, a bit on the expensive side, but i figured i’m on vacation and from previous experience the Abstrakt beers are really good. Plus one of the Bar staff recommended it, as it being one of his favorites.

I have never heard of nor seen a beer like this one, a White Stout. I could never get my head around the taste and the color of the beer didn’t match. It tastes like a good stout, but looks like an IPA.








Next up was a BrewDog Tokyo, a 18.2% oak aged stout is a beer inspired by a 1980’s Space Invaders Arcade Game played in Japan’s captial. First thought was how much alcahol am i going to taste? Answer, almost none, it was dominated by the cranberry, jasmine and chocolate malts.

Has to be one of the best stouts i have ever tasted.

From what i hear its the beer they use to make the 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin, but thats for another night.










On the way out we noticed this sign on the wall, naturally we signed up.