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Back to brewing

It’s been a while since my last brew and the supplies are running low at home, with a bit of help from people at work 🙂

So there is this competition coming up at the end of September, the Unofficial Oslo Championships. So i figured why not give it a try, worst thing that could happen is you get some tips to make it better next time. It being internation Beer day on Sunday i thought it would be perfect for a new brewing day.
First off we made a IPA based on Kohatu and Nelson Sauvin hops. This one being sort of a collaboration brew, with Joseph from work that also brews at home and Marita and me.

First we upgraded the beer brew 30 a bit with some high tech insulation technology from Biltema:

It has a nice color to the boil, and about 150g of hops! Will be more going in for dry hopping later on.

Next India Saison being my favorite i’ve made so far, and the fact that so many other people liked it i figured i need to make it again. We didn’t get around to doing 2 in the same day so this one Marita and i did yesterday.

Lots of beautiful hops going into the start, this time i decided to add the Amarillo flowers to the boil instead of pellets (citra on the left).

The hops look and smell amazing!

Finally both on fermentation, the IPA on the left is 24 hours ahead on fermentation so its already bubbling away 🙂

Now we are both a bit worn out from brewing 2 days in a row, and the cleaning is the worst part, especially since the India Saison had a little accident and overboiled a little. Maybe i can get someone to clean for me next time, i wish 😉


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BrewDog Manchester

Right, got back home from the Manchester trip yesterday after lots of beer, Springsteen and good food.

Have to share a bit from the BrewDog pub especially, since we spent so much time there.

Day 1:

So first i had a Mr Squirell, a Black Lager, and normally i’m not too big of a fan of Lagers (even black) but this one was interesting. Its brewed by BrewDog but doesn’t have the BrewDog logo on the bottle, not really sure the story behind it.






It has an interesting read on the back on what made this beer so interesting:






Next up was a Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA. If you know me you know I love Mikkeller beers, and this one is among my favorites. I could drink it all night long, perfectly sweet and bitter, i can’t wait to brew with the 200g of the Nelson Sauvin hops pellets i have in the fridge!






For dinner we had some burgers from the bar, i had a Milwaukee Burger. “The lovechild of a German bratwurst and a Danish hot dog. Fennel-studded pork mince, sauerkraut, Zeitgeist mustard sauce, pickles, smoked cheddar, and crispy fried onions.” Needless to say it was amazing, if only i had room for another one.






And to finish the night off i had an “Evil Twin Brewing Without You I’m Nothing”. The 2nd sour beer i’ve had so far, the first being the Mikkeller Sur Munk. Still not sure what to make of the sour beers, but they are growing on me, and I would definitely recommend trying one of the 2 I mentioned.