Life is too short to drink bad beer!

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So one of the things i did on vacation was visit one of my favorite brewerys Kinn in Florø, Norway a small town on the west coast of Norway.

Florø has a small and beautiful airport but from where i was coming from there was only boats with a whole 2 departures a day. So early in the morning, too early for me to remember much more than the islands/fjords we past between Måløy and Florø.

The front of the brewery is a shop that selles their beers (under 4.7% according to Norwegian law), brewing supplies for home brewers, and some delicacy food items like coffee beans and spanish sausages.

When the shop finally opened at 14:00 after a really long morning we stepped in and asked if we could have a look at the brewery behind at the brewery. We called ahead to see when we could come by as they don´t brew everyday, and they technically dont give tours, but if they are in a good mood will show you around.

As the brewer mentioned most of the equipment is from old milk tanks, and they probably produce the most beer per square meter in Norway. We stood in the middle of the brewery and just had to turn 360 degrees to see everything.

It just goes to show you that you don´t need fancy/expensive equipment to make good beer!

They use an open fermention method, meaning they won´t cover the fermentation tanks during the fermentation process. The pictured tanks are in a room of their own where they can control the air quality and temperature. This is not used by many brewers because you have a higher risk for infecting the beer, but gives the beer a lot more aroma from the hops. The brewer mentioned that Nøgne Ø was visiting once and mentioned they wished they could do that.

Pictured above they are transfering Kinn Vestkyst (one of my favorite IPAs) from the boler to fermentation.

Also on a side note the brewer mentioned that when Kinn is moving to a bigger location in Florø he is buying some of the current equipment and starting his on brewery in Trondheim, so he can´t wait till they move later this year.


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Schouskjelleren Microbrewery

I have been a bit busy with holidays and other things the past few weeks and havent had time to post anything, but i have lots of things to post, first off i should start with what i think to be the best microbrewery in Oslo, it opened almost 2 years ago around the same time 2 others, we now have 4! The first one being opened in 1989 called Oslo Microbrewery, one i´m not too big a fan of for reasons i won´t go into here.

Schouskjelleren Microbrewery is situated in the remains of the old industrial Schous Brewery that was opened in 1873 and closed/moved in 1981. Obviously it doesnt occupy the whole site, but it uses a basement of an old building on site, hence the name, skjellereren meaning basement in english.

As you enter the pub you are greated with all the brewing equipment, and on thursdays the smell of beer being brewed.

After you reach the basement you can see the back of the bar, where the have 4 shiney vessels full of their beer.

The main attraction is obviously the bar, on this day i was in quite early and was probably one of the first ones there, so the bartender was still putting up the days beers on the menu. I tryed the Sonne IPA that they made themselves.

The reason i like this microbrewery/pub so much is the beer they serve, They normally have 1 board for their beer and 1 for guest beers on tap. The tap menu rarely has the same beers on it unless you come 2 days in a row, but even then it won´t be 100% the same. Many times i have been sitting there getting ready to go and they changed the menu and added something i just had to try. The guest taps are always interesting, i have seen things from Mikkeller, Evil Twin, Southern Tier just to name a few and once they even had the head brewer from Beer Here visting to make a collaboration and filled the guest tap menu with his beers and our stomachs with free finger food.

I also like the fact that they sell their glasses for 15 NOK, wich is why you will find them in a lot of my posts when i take pictures of beers i taste.

It´s a must if you live near or in Oslo or are just visiting. They don´t have a website but they normally update their facebook page with interesting info from the pub in english.