Life is too short to drink bad beer!

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So one of the things i did on vacation was visit one of my favorite brewerys Kinn in Florø, Norway a small town on the west coast of Norway.

Florø has a small and beautiful airport but from where i was coming from there was only boats with a whole 2 departures a day. So early in the morning, too early for me to remember much more than the islands/fjords we past between Måløy and Florø.

The front of the brewery is a shop that selles their beers (under 4.7% according to Norwegian law), brewing supplies for home brewers, and some delicacy food items like coffee beans and spanish sausages.

When the shop finally opened at 14:00 after a really long morning we stepped in and asked if we could have a look at the brewery behind at the brewery. We called ahead to see when we could come by as they don´t brew everyday, and they technically dont give tours, but if they are in a good mood will show you around.

As the brewer mentioned most of the equipment is from old milk tanks, and they probably produce the most beer per square meter in Norway. We stood in the middle of the brewery and just had to turn 360 degrees to see everything.

It just goes to show you that you don´t need fancy/expensive equipment to make good beer!

They use an open fermention method, meaning they won´t cover the fermentation tanks during the fermentation process. The pictured tanks are in a room of their own where they can control the air quality and temperature. This is not used by many brewers because you have a higher risk for infecting the beer, but gives the beer a lot more aroma from the hops. The brewer mentioned that Nøgne Ø was visiting once and mentioned they wished they could do that.

Pictured above they are transfering Kinn Vestkyst (one of my favorite IPAs) from the boler to fermentation.

Also on a side note the brewer mentioned that when Kinn is moving to a bigger location in Florø he is buying some of the current equipment and starting his on brewery in Trondheim, so he can´t wait till they move later this year.


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Rosa Kinn

So my first trip to the grocery store after coming home from Manchester was a good one, beer wise. First they finally had the summer beer byKinn Brewery called Rosa Kinn.

It’s Belgian Blonde with raspberrys from Sogn og Fjordane, it reminds med of a rosé wine. Not the kind of beer you would drink everyday, but a nice alternative to wine/champagne, or as the back of the bottle says perfect as an apéritif. It says its just a one off beer so maybe i need to buy an extra bottle or to for new years as i am not a big wine/champagne drinker.

Also a fun note: Rosa Kinn translates to rosy cheeks 🙂

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Day 3 BrewDog Manchester

So we started the evening off with the Beer School with 2 of the bar staff, we went through 6 beers (3 from Brewdog and 3 others) and had a meat+cheese platter to take away they alcahol half way through.

The first 3 beers from BrewDog we tasted from tap:
* Dead Pony Club
* Punk IPA
* IPA is Dead Sorachie Ace

Followed by these 3 from bottle:
* Schneider Weiss Hopfen Weiss
* Hitachino Nipponia
* Mikkeller To From


At the end we got a surprise extra beer, BrewDog I Hardcore You from tap, a blend of Mikkellers I Beat You and BrewDog Hardcore IPA.

I wont go to much more into the tastings as some new friends we met there has a blog and already has a nice post about it here:

We sat a few hours after with them and tryed a few more from BrewDog.
First off was BrewDog Lost Abbey Lost Dog, its a rum barrel aged imperial porter at 11.5%. Liquorice and chocolate are the main flavors i got from it, highly recommend trying it.


Next was the Brewdog Paradox Jura, a imperial stout matured 9 months in Jura Whisky casks with 15% abv. It has a really nice chocolate and whisky flavors to it, and not the heavy peaty one, but more of a sweet flavor. Another winner in my book.


Marita and me finished the night with one of BrewDogs more popular beers in the bar, a Tactical Nuclear Penguin 32% abv. and at the time it was first released, the strongest beer in the world. According to the bar staff its a popular one, some people come into the pub just to say they have tryed it.
Its made from the Tokyo beer they sell, probably one of the reasons i liked it so much, i was expecting a strong taste, heavy on the alcahol side, what i got was chocolate and cranberries, a full bottle to my disposal would be dangerous, luckily it costs £6 for the glass shown.


Being the last night in Manchester we had to get some BrewDog goods to take home, i took home
* a 2L Growler (that you can get filled at the bar)
* BrewDog Abstrakt 09
* An Abstrakt glass and 2 others (the abstrakt one was the important one)
* Brewdog Dog-A (Brewdogs very limited edition 5th anniversary beer)
* 2 t-shirts
* a temporary tattoo

My name is Ingrid made the picture just because she was lonely sitting on my shelf so long by itself 🙂


Don’t ask how much i spent that night, i wont tell you! 🙂