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Day 2 at Brewdog Manchester

Started the night of with a gigantic steak at the Smoak Bar and Grill. I went for the 400g Rump, was surprised to find they restaurant had some alternatives to the industrial beers, so Meantime Pale Ale accompanied the steak.










After a long walk down to the BrewDog pub i started with an Abstrakt 08, a bit on the expensive side, but i figured i’m on vacation and from previous experience the Abstrakt beers are really good. Plus one of the Bar staff recommended it, as it being one of his favorites.

I have never heard of nor seen a beer like this one, a White Stout. I could never get my head around the taste and the color of the beer didn’t match. It tastes like a good stout, but looks like an IPA.








Next up was a BrewDog Tokyo, a 18.2% oak aged stout is a beer inspired by a 1980’s Space Invaders Arcade Game played in Japan’s captial. First thought was how much alcahol am i going to taste? Answer, almost none, it was dominated by the cranberry, jasmine and chocolate malts.

Has to be one of the best stouts i have ever tasted.

From what i hear its the beer they use to make the 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin, but thats for another night.










On the way out we noticed this sign on the wall, naturally we signed up.


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BrewDog Manchester

Right, got back home from the Manchester trip yesterday after lots of beer, Springsteen and good food.

Have to share a bit from the BrewDog pub especially, since we spent so much time there.

Day 1:

So first i had a Mr Squirell, a Black Lager, and normally i’m not too big of a fan of Lagers (even black) but this one was interesting. Its brewed by BrewDog but doesn’t have the BrewDog logo on the bottle, not really sure the story behind it.






It has an interesting read on the back on what made this beer so interesting:






Next up was a Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Single Hop IPA. If you know me you know I love Mikkeller beers, and this one is among my favorites. I could drink it all night long, perfectly sweet and bitter, i can’t wait to brew with the 200g of the Nelson Sauvin hops pellets i have in the fridge!






For dinner we had some burgers from the bar, i had a Milwaukee Burger. “The lovechild of a German bratwurst and a Danish hot dog. Fennel-studded pork mince, sauerkraut, Zeitgeist mustard sauce, pickles, smoked cheddar, and crispy fried onions.” Needless to say it was amazing, if only i had room for another one.






And to finish the night off i had an “Evil Twin Brewing Without You I’m Nothing”. The 2nd sour beer i’ve had so far, the first being the Mikkeller Sur Munk. Still not sure what to make of the sour beers, but they are growing on me, and I would definitely recommend trying one of the 2 I mentioned.