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Day 3 BrewDog Manchester

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So we started the evening off with the Beer School with 2 of the bar staff, we went through 6 beers (3 from Brewdog and 3 others) and had a meat+cheese platter to take away they alcahol half way through.

The first 3 beers from BrewDog we tasted from tap:
* Dead Pony Club
* Punk IPA
* IPA is Dead Sorachie Ace

Followed by these 3 from bottle:
* Schneider Weiss Hopfen Weiss
* Hitachino Nipponia
* Mikkeller To From


At the end we got a surprise extra beer, BrewDog I Hardcore You from tap, a blend of Mikkellers I Beat You and BrewDog Hardcore IPA.

I wont go to much more into the tastings as some new friends we met there has a blog and already has a nice post about it here:

We sat a few hours after with them and tryed a few more from BrewDog.
First off was BrewDog Lost Abbey Lost Dog, its a rum barrel aged imperial porter at 11.5%. Liquorice and chocolate are the main flavors i got from it, highly recommend trying it.


Next was the Brewdog Paradox Jura, a imperial stout matured 9 months in Jura Whisky casks with 15% abv. It has a really nice chocolate and whisky flavors to it, and not the heavy peaty one, but more of a sweet flavor. Another winner in my book.


Marita and me finished the night with one of BrewDogs more popular beers in the bar, a Tactical Nuclear Penguin 32% abv. and at the time it was first released, the strongest beer in the world. According to the bar staff its a popular one, some people come into the pub just to say they have tryed it.
Its made from the Tokyo beer they sell, probably one of the reasons i liked it so much, i was expecting a strong taste, heavy on the alcahol side, what i got was chocolate and cranberries, a full bottle to my disposal would be dangerous, luckily it costs £6 for the glass shown.


Being the last night in Manchester we had to get some BrewDog goods to take home, i took home
* a 2L Growler (that you can get filled at the bar)
* BrewDog Abstrakt 09
* An Abstrakt glass and 2 others (the abstrakt one was the important one)
* Brewdog Dog-A (Brewdogs very limited edition 5th anniversary beer)
* 2 t-shirts
* a temporary tattoo

My name is Ingrid made the picture just because she was lonely sitting on my shelf so long by itself 🙂


Don’t ask how much i spent that night, i wont tell you! 🙂


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